Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast Powder is an excellent dietary food supplement. Inactive nutritional yeast is widely used in vegan and vegetarian diets to boost vitamin and mineral intake.

Aztec Nutritional Yeast Powder (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) is grown by non-alcoholic fermentation on molasses. It is then deactivated by heat treatment during drying on steam heated roller dryers. After drying the product is milled into a powder.

Low salt and packed with the essentials such as vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 which is a crucial nutrient for the body involved in the production of red blood cells and for producing and maintaining myelin, the protective insulation around your nerves. One tablespoon provides an adult with a full days supply of B12.

Nutritional Yeast Flakes and Powder also contains thiamine, folic acid, potassium and riboflavin as well as trace minerals like zinc, copper and selenium that are important for healthy hair and skin. It is great to add to your breakfast as it is high in protein making it a great source of energy to kick start your day!

Many nutritionists claim that by adding a daily dose of nutritional yeast to your diet may help to improve conditions such as diabetes, poor digestion, high cholesterol, stress, carpal tunnel and eczema.

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Nutritional Yeast Flakes High in B Vitamins

Nutritional Yeast Flakes Excellent Nutritional Supplement Rich in Minerals & B vitamins! Sourced from a sustainable farming source in France where quality and freshness are of utmost importance.