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Almonds Raw Australian Pesticide & Herbicide Free

Aztec Raw Almonds are pesticide & herbicide free. Aussie grown and taste delicious!

Cashews Raw Pure & Natural, High Fibre

Aztec Cashews are loaded with nutrition and taste delicious, so it is no surprise they are the most consumed nuts in the world!

Walnuts Raw Australian Pure & Natural (without shell)

Aztec Walnuts are a true super-food and contain a mountain of beneficial vitamins and minerals especially Omega 3 acids that are essential for optimal health. Walnuts offer the body protein, antioxidants, fibre, magnesium, manganese and copper just to name a few.

Coconut Desiccated Organic Pure & Natural

Aztec Desiccated Coconut is free from cholesterol and trans-fats yet rich in a number of essential nutrients such as selenium, manganese, copper and dietary fibre.

Peanuts Raw Kernels Australian, Antioxidants

Aztec peanuts are rich in energy and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for optimum health!

Ever Eco Reusable Nut Milk Bag

A versatile kitchen essential that you?ll never want to be without. Removing the corners to create a u-shaped bag means nut milk is even easier to make and clean up is a breeze.