Cashews Raw Pure & Natural, High Fibre


Aztec Cashews are loaded with nutrition and taste delicious, so it is no surprise they are the most consumed nuts in the world!



Cashews Raw

Cashews Raw provide a great source of, omega 3, antioxidants, dietary fibre and minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium and copper.

Most people have a misconception about nuts being unhealthy and fatty but cashew nuts are known for their low saturated fat content. Cashew nuts are the third most popular nut in the world and are grown in over 30 countries. They are extremely versatile, healthy and filling which make them the perfect snack on the go.

Cashews are high in minerals providing the following recommended value in our daily diet, 23% of manganese, 31% of copper, 17% for phosphorus and 20% for magnesium as well as 12% of the daily recommended value for vitamin K. Magnesium has been known to lower blood pressure, improve brain function and reduce the frequency of migraines. When magnesium works with copper is aids bone strength the nervous system. Copper also contains antioxidants that battle free radicals making them harmless.

Studies show that the flavanols in cashews inhibit the ability of cancer cells to divide and multiply which in turn reduces the risk of colon cancer. Most of the fat contained in cashews are good fats, the same kind you will find in olive oil as well as this cashews contain zero cholesterol.

Cashews are great when you mix them with other seeds and nuts and are used widely to make cashew butter which is considered a staple in many households. They can be consumed as a snack by themselves or added to many cuisines including Asian dishes, curries, casseroles and salads.

Storage: In a cool, dry place in an airtight container to avoid absorption of other food odours. Best kept refrigerated to extend their shelf life by up to 6 months.

Pack Sizes: 800gm & 4kg, hermetically sealed zip-lock bag.

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