Coconut Sugar Organic – Healthier Alternative


Aztec Coconut Sugar is a healthier alternative to sugar as it contains minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium and calcium as well as some short chain fatty acids and antioxidants.



Coconut Sugar Organic

Coconut Sugar Organic is made from the sap of a coconut palm. It is then placed under heat until most of the water has evaporated leaving a sugary texture.

Coconut Sugar contains potassium and phosphorous with lesser amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper and possibly other trace minerals.

Over the past few years coconut sugar has become extremely popular as a healthier substitute for sugar. There is very little different in the taste so it is an easy transition from sugar.

Storage: Airtight container, in a clean, dry, cool area, free from infestation, recommended temperature 0-15° Celsius.

Pack Sizes: 1kg, 4kg, hermetically sealed zip-lock bag.

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