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Aztec Poppy Seeds are a nutritious oil seed that is nutty and pleasant in taste.



Poppy Seeds Premium Australian Grown

Aztec Poppy Seeds are a nutritious oil seed that is nutty and pleasant in taste. Poppy seed has been used for thousands of years and is essentially the oilseed derived from the dry fruits (pods) of the poppy plant. These amazing seeds contain no narcotic properties of the opium drug or its derivatives.

Poppy seeds can be used as a condiment in cooking and are a great alternative for celiac and diabetics as they are high in fibre, gluten free and naturally low in carbohydrates.

Poppy Seeds are used as a spice, condiment or garnish and can also be used as a thickening agent when baking deserts. These seeds can be toasted, ground or blended with many other ingredients to add an amazing flavour to your foods.

You will find poppy seeds growing all over the world. It has been documented that the ancient civilisations of Crete and Iraq as well as the Egyptians used this valuable seed as a sedative. It has also been know by these people to improve your fertility and wealth and improve your sleep.

Poppy seeds are small and blue in colour with a crisp texture. These tasty little seeds are often used to flavour bread, cakes, rolls and cookies. Poppy seeds can be sprinkled on top of dishes or used as a spice with salad, eggs, cheese curries etc. These tiny seeds can make for a great decoration to add flair to your cooking.

Freshly ground poppy seeds can be mixed with milk, sugar or butter and used in pastries and sweet baked products as they are an excellent binding agent. You can ground them yourself in a pestle and mortar or a spice grinder to add even more amazing flavour to your favourite dish.

Storage: Store in an airtight container to keep them fresh.

Pack Sizes: 1kg, 4kg, hermetically sealed zip-lock bag.

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